Signature project to place pictures of Hatsune Miku on Venus Explorer
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With your name (nickname / screen name),
Hatsune Miku will travel to Venus with "Akatsuki".

Niconico technology club (SOMESAT) will place pictures of Hatsune Miku and your messages on "Akatsuki" (meaning "Dawn" in Japanese), a Venus Explorer of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency), and deliver them to far-off Venus.
Technically speaking, we are attending a campaign of JAXA "Your message to Venus at Dawn" as a group.

Anyone can join the project, and you just need to sign up online (only your name, nickname or screen name).
If we can collect more than 10,000 signatures, one of the attached plates (8cm x 12cm, 3.1" x 4.7") will be held only for Miku as her special stage.

Thank you very much!

Go to SOMESAT "Akatsuki supporters' club"


JAXA Venus explorer "Akatsuki" (PLANET-C)

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